Satellite meeting – 2nd EAS Pediatric FH meeting

This meeting will be held at the SANA hotel in Lisbon, Portugal on May 09, 2018.
Organisers: Mafalda Bourbon (Portugal), Steve Humphries (United Kingdom), Michal Vrablík (Czech Republic)

Participation on invitation only. For questions, please contact the congress secretariat at


Wednesday May 09, 2018

Second Pediatric Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Satellite in partnership with EAS FH Studies Collaboration

08:30 Welcome

  • Mafalda Bourbon, Portugal
  • Steve Humphries, UK

08:30 Update from FH Registers

  • Michal Vrablík, Czech RepubliC
  • Quitéria Rato, Portugal

The EAS Homozygous FH register

Tomas Freiberger, Brno, Czech Republic

How many “FH” children have polygenic hyperlipidaemia? The Portuguese FH Study register

Mafalda Bourbon, Lisbon, Portugal

The IAS Pediatric FH Register - cross country comparison of baseline characteristics

Um Ramaswami, London, UK

FH Children in Brazil

Raul Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Australia experience

Gerald Watts, Perth, Australia

The Poland experience

Agniezska Brandt, Gdansk, Poland

The Belgium experience

Olivier Descamps, Haine Saint-Paul, Belgium

10:15 Coffee Break

11:00 Treatment of children with FH

  • Hans Dieplinger, Austria
  • Antonio Guerra, Portugal

At what age should we consider a statin or PCSK9 and what should our LDL-C target be?

Albert Wiegman, Amsterdam, Holland

The UK register statin clinical decision support tool

Steve Humphries, London, UK

How often do children report statin-related side effects and what can we do about it?

Rodrigo Alonso, Santiago, Chile

Treatment of children with an FH phenotype caused by mutation in LIPA

Euridiki Drogari, Athens, Greece

13:00 Lunch Break

14:00 Support and information of children and families with FH

  • Steve Humphries, UK
  • Inês Gomes, Portugal

HEARTUK and FH-Europe Patient Network initiatives – what information do children want?

Jules Payne, Maidenhead, UK

What information do parents need?

Gabriele Hanauer-Mader, Vienna, Austria

The Dutch experience (Wat is Dat?)

Jeanine Roeters van Lennep, Rotterdam, Holland

Barriers and where to seek help in establishing and expanding FH patients´ groups

Kristyna Cilikova, Prague, Czech Republic

Panel Discussion

15:30 End of meeting