Satellite meeting – RESOLVE project



This meeting will be held at Centro de Congressos de Lisboa, Portugal on May 05, 2018.

Hall: Egas Moniz Hall / Auditorium II

Saturday May 05, 2018

Resolving the metabolic syndrome: an integrated systems biology approach

09:05 The mouse to set the stage for humans

MetS in the ApoE3L.CETP mouse

Yanan Wang, Leiden, Netherlands

Long term modelling

Yared Paalvast, Groningen, Netherlands

Perturbation of energy metabolism

Markus Niemeyer, Munchen, Germany

Modelling of lipid metabolism

Vehpi Yildirum, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Bariatric surgery in the ApoE3L.CETP mouse

Erika Tarasco, Zurich, Germany

Integration of gene expression data

Dimitris Kardissis, Heraklion, Greece

13:00 Resolving the metabolic syndrome in humans

Metabolic consequences of bariatric surgery

Mireille Serlie, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Personalized modelling

Natal van Riel, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Dietary carbohydrates and NAFLD

Jan Borén, Gothenburg, Sweden

Bile acids, apoF and NAFLD

Sandrine Caron-Houde, Lille, France

Bart Steals, Lille, France

Modelling of bile acid homeostasis

Fianne Sips, Eindhoven, Netherlands

08:30 Opening and welcome

  • Bert Groen, Netherlands

08:45 Modelling approaches used in RESOLVE

  • Natal van Riel, Netherlands

11:05 Coffee break

11:20 Sphingolipids in mouse and man

  • Torsten Hornemann, Switzerland

11:40 Application of systems genetics in mouse and man

  • Jake Lusis, USA

12:15 Lunch break

15:00 Break

15:15 Use of GEM’s to describe the Metabolic Syndrome

  • Adil Mardinoglu, Sweden

16:15 Lessons learned from RESOLVE: round table discussion

18:00 Opening ceremony EAS

20:30 Festive dinner Resolve participants