1.1 Immune cell crosstalk in atherosclerosis

Distant control of plaque formation

Filip K. Swirski, Boston, USA

Functional immune cell interactions and plaque development

Ziad Mallat, Cambridge, United Kingdom

1.2 Macrophages and foam-cells in the vessel wall

Senescent intimal foam cells are deleterious at all stages of atherosclerosis

Jan M. van Deursen, Rochester, USA

Role of TLR4 in lipid induced macrophage inflammation

Mark Febbraio, Darlinghurst, Australia

1.3 Role of endothelial and SMC cells in atherogenesis

Transcriptional control of endothelial energy

Michael Potente, Bad Nauheim, Germany

Vascular smooth muscle cells in atherosclerosis

Gary K. Owens, Charlottesville, USA

1.4 Molecular-cellular mechanisms in the progression of atherosclerosis

The role of efferocytosis in atherosclerosis

Nicholas J. Leeper, Boston, USA


2.1 Cholesterol and cellular lipid metabolism

The role of bile acids in cholesterol homeostatis

Albert K. Groen, Groningen, The Netherlands

Lipid signaling pathways in physiology and disease

Peter Tontonoz, Los Angeles, USA

2.2 Extrahepatic lipid metabolism (apolipoproteins and lipid metabolism)

PCSK9 biology beyond the liver

Giuseppe D. Norata, Milan, Italy

2.3 Emerging proteins in lipid metabolism

2.4 Integrative physiology and systems medicine to understand metabolism and cardiometabolic disease

Nonalcoholic liver hepatic steatosis: a systems biology approach

Adil Mardinoglu, Stockholm, Sweden


3.1 Genetics, metabolomics and cariovascular risk factors

Mining the blood for new cardiometabolic markers

Robert Gerszten, Boston, USA

Generic risk, adherence to a healthy lifestyle, and cardiovascular disease

Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen, Copenhagen, Denmark

3.2 Novel targets for dyslipidemia and cardiovascular disease

Nanomedicine as novel atherosclerosis thearpy

Willem J.M. Mulder, Maastricht, The Netherlands

3.3 Novel technologies for cardiovascular research

Genome editing strategies in cardiovascular diseases and cardiovascular study

Kiran Musunur, Philadelphia, USA

Potential and caveats of lipidomics for cardiovascular disease

Edward A. Dennis, San Diego, USA

3.4 Healthy food and lifestyle to prevent and treat atherometabolic diseases

Lessons from the "Prevention with Mediterranean Diet" (Predimed) study

Emilio Ros, Barcelona, Spain