Joint Symposium Menarini International Foundation

EAS Joint Symposium with the Menarini  International Foundation will be held
on Saturday May 05, the opening day of the Congress.

The meeting is open for all Congress participants to attend and the official language of the Meeting will be English.

The Symposium will be held at Centro de Congressos de Lisboa, Hall Carolina Beatriz Ângelo / Auditorium VII.
The Secretariat will be open from 07:30 on Saturday May 05.
Lunches and coffee breaks will be served in the Meeting area.


Saturday May 05, 2018

Chairs: Alberico L. Catapano, Italy, Xavier Pinto, Spain, Aberto Mello e Silva, Portugal

The multifaceted aspects of cardiovascular prevention: from nutrition to therapy

08:30 Morning, part I

Diet and CVD - the epidemiological view

Salim Yusuf, Hamilton, Canada

Why does the diet rich in unsaturated fat protect against cardiovascular disease? Differences between nuts and extra virgin olive oil

Emilio Ros, Barcelona, Spain

Effects of the different dietary fatty acids on health: focus on PUFA n-6. New evidences and controversies

Andrea Poli, Verona, Italy

Molecular and biochemical mechanisms involved in the protective effect of Mediterranean diet against atherosclerosis

Alvaro Hernáez, Madrid/Barcelona, Spain

11:30 Morning, part II

The nutritional advice in daily practice and the pyramid of the Mediterranean diet: can we be effective in the long term?

Miguel Angel Martínez-Gonzalez, Navarra, Spain

Diet and health: What is the role of microbiota?

Pablo Perez-Martínez, Cordoba, Spain

Lifestyle and genetics an interaction contributing to cardiovascular risk

Brian A. Ference, Cambridge, United Kingdom

13:30 Lunch break

14:30 Afternoon

Prevention of CVD guidelines from dietary and lifestyle intervention to therapy

Lipid-modifying effects of nutraceuticals: an evidence-based approach

Matteo Pirro, Perugia, Italy

15:30 Final discussion

10:30 Discussion

11:00 Coffee break, Exhibition & Poster viewing

13:00 Discussion