Advanced Clinical Seminars

Sunday 06 May 11:30-12:45

Debate: Evidence-based CVD prevention in diabetes today

  • Marja-Riitta Taskinen, Finland
  • Kausik Ray, United Kingdom

Should the main target be hyperglycaemia or should we focus on other risk-factors?

Lars Rydén, Stockholm, Sweden

Naveed A. Sattar, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Sunday 06 May 15:45-17:00

Life after acute coronary syndromes: Can we prevent further events?

  • Fausto J. Pinto, Portugal
  • Alexandros Tselepis, Greece

Is it possible to prevent recurrent events?

Ulf Landmesser, Berlin, Germany

LDL after ACS: How low to go? How to go there?

José Luis Zamorano, Madrid, Spain

Reality check: Guidelines versus real life after ACS

Fausto J. Pinto, Lisbon, Portugal

Monday 07 May 15:45-17:00

From imaging studies - What is meant by significant atherosclerosis?

  • Evgeny Shlyakhto, Russia
  • Zeljko Reiner, Croatia

Defining high risk plaque by IVUS and OCT, speaker to be confirmed

High risk markers on cardiac CT

Jeroen J. Bax, Leiden, The Netherlands

Multimodality imaging is the way to go

Lale Tokgozoglu, Ankara, Turkey

Tuesday 08 May 11:30-12:45

Guidelines in reality - questions raised by the guidelines (four cases)

  • Maciej Banach, Poland
  • Olov Wiklund, Sweden

Familial hypercholesterolaemia

Kausik Ray, London, United Kingdom

Familial chylomicronemia syndrome (FCS)

Maurizio Averna, Palermo, Italy

Primary prevention of CVD

Guy G. De Backer, Gent, Belgium

Very high risk patient - secondary treatment

Erik S. Stroes, Amsterdam, The Netherlands