Onsite reports

Tuesday May 08, 2018

REPORT: Tueday’s Plenary session: Detection and management of atherosclerosis

Monday May 07, 2018

REPORT: Monday’s Plenary session: new insights into the pathogenisis of atherosclerosis

REPORT: Advanced Clinical seminar “What is meant by significant atherosclerosis in imaging studies?”

REPORT: Joint ESC/EAS Session “Can we really prevent atherosclerosis?”

REPORT: Keynote Lecturer Professor Marja-Riitta Taskinen on hepatic and lipoprotein metabolism

REPORT: Late Breaking Clinical Trial “New insights from FOURIER”

REPORT: Late Breaking Clinical Trial EUROASPIRE V

REPORT: Late Breaking Clinical Trial ORION-1

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Dr Merel Hartger on Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolaemia and the HICC registry

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Dr Michelle O’Donoghue discusses data from FOURIER analysis 

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Professor De Backer discusses data from the EUROASPIRE V 

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Professor Kausik Ray comments on the ORION-1

Sunday May 06, 2018


REPORT: Keynote Lecturer Professor Peter Libby on CANTOS and the renaissance of inflammation

REPORT: Plenary session on “Cardiovascular health should be the priority”

REPORT: Late breaking session on “How much should lipoprotein(a) be lowered for clinically relevant benefit?”

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Anitschkow Prize winner Anne Tybjaerg Hansen on insights from the Mendelian randomization studies

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Professor Chapman on the new Consensus Paper on Adverse Effects from Statins

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Dr. Arash Haghikia on Gut microbiota

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Professor Brian A. Ference on Lipoprotein (a)


Saturday May 05, 2018


REPORT: Opening Ceremony – Highlights from EAS 2018 Lisbon Opening Ceremony

REPORT: Anitschkow Lecture Genetics – from-Ugly-Duckling-to-Beautiful-Swan – Professor-Anne-Tybjaerg-Hansen